Recipes: Island Gold Blue Mussels

Steamed "Island Gold"
Mussels with Wine

Prep time: 2 minutes
Cook time: 5-6 minutes
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Prince Edward Aqua Farms

Prince Edward Aqua Farms of New London, Prince Edward Island has been harvesting and processing top quality shellfish since 1989. Over 25 years of experience has led us to providing our Island Gold Blue Mussels enjoyed in homes and in fine dining establishments across North America and beyond, along with our quality PEI Oysters, PEI Clams, and PEI Quahogs.

Prince Edward Aqua Farms has access to some of the most ideal growing and harvesting conditions available that Atlantic Canada has to offer, such as the scenic Malpeque Bay. These natural bays provide the best environment for rope grown blue mussels, offering top quality, hearty mussel meats harvested year-round.

Island Gold Blue Mussels by Prince Edward Aqua Farms have gained a worldwide reputation for nutritious and delicate meat, rich in flavour and nutrients, that can be prepared in a number of ways: steamed, baked, breaded, stewed, or tossed in a salad. From home cooks to culinary chefs, Island Gold Blue Mussels are a favourite as they are so easy to prepare and even easier to enjoy. Click here to try our select recipes.

Always striving to offer the best quality shellfish, Prince Edward Aqua Farms has expanded several times in recent years resulting in the most modern and efficient shellfish processing plant in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Along with technical improvements, the company's dedication to innovation is matched only by its environmentally-sound practices and procedures. Prince Edward Aqua Farms is dedicated to preserving environmental harmony.

Most recently, the Ocean Wise designation granted to Prince Edward Aqua Farms as an ocean-friendly seafood choice further reinforces our determination to provide the best PEI Shellfish to our customers.

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