In it's ongoing continuing efforts to improve environmental sustainability in the shellfish industry, Prince Edward Aqua Farms is developing AquaGrow a nutrient rich, natural and organic soil amendment. Created from the by-products of mussel production which would normally be redistributed to local waters, AquaGrow is not only a non-chemical enhancement for lawns, gardens and organic growers, it also strongly improves the health of our local bays and waters. Click here for more information on AquaGrow.
Environmental Sustainability

Prince Edward Aqua Farms has long been recognized in the Island shellfish industry for its commitment to preserving environmental harmony while producing top quality shellfish.

Since its inception in 1989, Prince Edward Aqua Farms has expanded considerably to meet growing demand for their products, and to explore and integrate progressive environmental practices. Modifications to the product entry portion of the plant included an upgrade to the waste treatment facility that made waves in the region's shellfish industry. Prince Edward Aqua Farms continues to identify and utilize technologies which reduce the environmental impacts of sediments and other bio-wastes.

A recent project that has proven successful is the implementation of a filtration process that greatly reduces the amount of potentially-invasive species that leave the plant. Prince Edward Aqua Farms invested in the SC Grit Classifier treatment system in an attempt to reduce its environmental impact and footprint. The installation and operation of the SC Grit Classifier reduced sediment and particulate deposition leaving the facility by 90 per cent.

A highlight of this waste recovery system is that refuse itself has value; it can be used as fertilizer by farmers and gardeners. Demand for the material for use as fertilizer has increased steadily since the filtration process began. Along with this innovation, Prince Edward Aqua Farms is continually researching new and environmentally-balanced methods of production, packaging, distribution and refuse management.

The commitment of Prince Edward Aqua Farms to preserving environmental harmony while producing top quality shellfish is steeped in the goal of an improved and sustainable shellfish industry across the Island. With this ideal, they are continually researching new and environmentally-friendly methods of harvesting while preserving the environmental balance.
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